Some custom projects are as straightforward as a custom size brochure or catalog. Others may involve multiple raw materials, specialized inks, multiple coatings, critical brand color matching and complex manufacturing processes that may utilize numerous vendors. Source can plan, produce and deliver very difficult projects under the pressure of very tight delivery schedules.

Technology is evolving quickly these days, and it is critical to stay current with emerging production methods that may make a significant difference to our customers' product costs and quality. What was state-of-the-art just 2 years ago may not be competitive today. We are constantly searching for more effective technology, and it is our job to employ that technology to directly benefit our clients.

Source buys most component materials (paper, plastics, cutting and molding dies, cartons etc...) directly from the mills/diemakers to avoid material mark-up at any manufacturing facility. We even contract our own freight services to ensure no mistakes are made on critical deliveries. Since we buy materials directly, we can guarantee quality and drive down costs further.

Traditional manufacturers often "force" products to run on their equipment to pay the bills, even though that product may not be an ideal fit for them. Naturally, this creates inefficiencies and may affect pricing, quality and production time lines. Source aligns your products with the most efficient production equipment available to ensure maximum efficiency.