The quality of your labels are an indication of the quality of your product and your business as a whole. We print cleaner, sharper labels with extremely stringent SOP's ensuring quality and consistency.   We produce over 50 million pieces per year between digital and flexographic technologies, and provide seamless, reliable utilization of both for our well known clients.


We only utilize state of the art equipment to ensure you are getting the best possible quality.  Not only does this inherently produce better quality, it brings down overall costs due to improved production speeds.  SPM matches your specific needs with specific technology and processes, so you can be assured your folding cartons will look great and perform flawlessly.


There have been many innovations in flexible custom packaging such as new closures and materials ensuring freshness while increasing sales! These include high barriers, chemical resistance, and puncture resistance to name a few.  

SPM can provide any flexible film packaging you need while ensuring color continuity with other labels and other packaging.

Litho Trays

Wholesale club store trays have seen a tremendous graphic growth in the last few years. This category started as a typical one color or brown corrugated. Trays were viewed strictly as a transportation vehicle. Today customers realize these trays can be a high graphic billboard that actually improves the impulse buy for the consumer.

Spout Pouches

Spout pouches are growing in popularity for many types of food and nonfood products. Fitment pouches often provide a less expensive, fully printable, more sustainable option to rigid containers.  SPM offers a wide range of fitment pouch options while ensuring color continuity is achieved between various packaging substrates.

Re-Sealable Pouches

One of the most appealing features of a stand up pouch is its ability to be easily opened and re-closed to lock in freshness and flavor. This also allows brands to package larger quantities of their products because it eliminates the need for single-serve packaging that is torn open and discarded after the product has been removed.

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